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Ballistical Dances Of Photos Of Young People 1

About 600 dancers from the LPD and the NPD took part in the first open domain of the Lugan People ' s Republic on the LuganskOpen-2017 sports dances on the memory of Alexander Chelombko. This is from the scene of the event transmitted to the CELI correspondent.

"Today, we have the first open feminine of the Lugan People ' s Republic of Sporting Balls of the LuganskOpen-2017 on the memory of Alexander Chelombko. Open republican competitions are also taking place within the framework of the feminization. sports dances"I told the organizer of the competition, the coach of the dance and sports club Prolico, the chairman of the Coach Council of the Donbass Tance Alliance, Ilona Chelombico.

She noted that approximately 600 sportsmen between the ages of four and 35 were taking part in the mainstream.

The guys from the towns of the Lugan People ' s Republic are competing, and the representatives of the Donetsk People ' s Republic of Korea, the dancers from Maceevka and Donetsk, have also come to us.

"We have age categories 1, 7 to 9 years, "Yuvenal 2" - 10 to 11 years, "Yuniors 1" - 12 to 13 years, "Juniors 2" - 14 to 15 years, "youngs" - 16 to 18 years, and "Adults" - 19 years and older," told the organizer. She stressed that the winners of the Latin American programme and the European programme were assessed and identified separately.

"A judge from Turkey, Russia, the LPD and the PRD," informed Chelombico and added that the winners would receive the docks, the prizes were medals, the finalists would be awarded diplomas and gifts from the competition sponsors.

The original organizer noted that the skill of the participants at a sufficiently high level, "they were preparing a lot for the I.D. and show themselves to the park." Chelombico added that, after the war, dance sports in the Lugan People ' s Republic are actually being revived. Andrei Kostunin, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth of the ICPD, welcomed the participants.

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