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Miscellaneous Dances

The dance school is classes with experienced and professional choreographers, a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. A simplicity room with a huge scene for different directions, equipped with an amazing acoustic and a lighthouse for full dance.


- increasing the general tone of the organism and raising the mood;

Strengthening bones, bundles and tendons;

- absolutely harmless to human health;

- free from age restrictions;

- A good ass and a beautiful walk;

- sound breathing;

- Increased immunity and reduction of the risk of diseases by various viral infections.


- in order to control excess weight and to correct the body figure;

- to improve the work of internal bodies;

- to improve the scapegoat, strengthen the back and muscle of the stomach;

- to stabilize the exchange of substances;

- to reduce the disease of joints and osteochondrosis;

- to rapidly remove the accumulated sludge from the system.

Types of dance:

Dance Mix is a dance mix from different directions: rhythmical disco, romantic Caribbean dances, disgraceful punk and many other things. And in your classrooms, you'll do dynamic and static force exercises for spicy legs and stretched berries, relax and stitching. Dance mix is a charge of beard, emotion and good mood.

Booty Dance is an exotic dance path where different types of shaky moves are actively used by the work of berries, bruders, belly and hand, and the rest of the body are almost entirely stationary.

Dancehall is a street Jamaican dance. Danceholl formed his culture of music, rhythm and dance. Energy, modern, unusual, fashion style. Danceholl ' s lessons are usually devoted to the study of major movements and links, the possibility of improvising, and the reproducing of the words in the dance. At these classes, you'll feel like a real king of sex dance. Danceholl is the breath of the streets of Jamaica.

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