Танцы чередовались играми

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There is no truth that, physically and domestically, persons with disabilities will never be able to live the same way as healthy people, no matter how many social programmes have been launched. But the principle of equal opportunities is not pandas and programmes, but above all, in our disincentives. The experience of the Sanatar Forest School No. 7 and its Children ' s Camp " The Pas of Children " is excellent proof.

Sanatar Forest School No. 7 It was two years ago. The Moscow Department of Education sends sick children from different schools and specialized boarding schools in the city every month for rehabilitation and education. The diseases are different: DTC, Autism, Bronchial Asthma... Health does not allow children to undergo a curriculum in the regular general education system. Asthmatics sometimes have to pass a whole quarter, and patients with DTC moving on a wheelchair can hardly do anything without their parents. Therefore, such children are sent to the SLS where they live and learn - sometimes for months, sometimes only one or two quarters. Lessons are designed so that the schoolgirl who is absent from the programme is adapted at the same time in a group of classmates and, through individual teaching, fills gaps in her knowledge. After school day, children have extra classes: there's a sports hall, a musical theatre, a tree cutting circle, a folklore studio... Every class has a teacher who spends all the time with children. But when the school year ends, not all adults leave and not all children go home. Most of them remain in SLS because the " Pas of Children " is a summer camp for equal opportunities for sick children.

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