федерация бального танца

Union Of Sports Dances

"SOSLOANO " President of the General Public Organization

Russian Union

S.G. Popov.

APPROVED Responsible for the coordination of the Russian Tancellor dance festivals

Vice-President of GS RTA

Ah. V. Maskov


The open phase of the Cup of the Russian dance union 2016-2017. British Para-2017 dance festival

1. Goals and objectives.

The competitions are conducted in order to:
♪ Enhancing the promotion and promotion of sports dances as an important means of spiritual and physical education;
♪ Involvement of large segments of the population and, above all, children and young people in the exercise of bald sports dances;
♪ Consolidation of the Russian Union 's position on the free participation of dancers in open competitions, regardless of membership of any public organization;
- Improving the work of the Russian Union in contact with regional offices.

The challenges of competition are:
:: Enhancing the effectiveness of regional sports and dance teams of the Russian Federation in implementing socially meaningful cultural and sport programmes;
- Monitoring the implementation of the classification requirements for technical and tactical training in accordance with the requirements of the Single Classification of the Tancers of the League of Ljugiers adopted by the Russian Union;
♪ Improving the work of the judiciary of the regional RTA offices in accordance with the Qualifications Regulations of the jury Bath dance Russian Union, approved by the RTA Bureau in 2008
Support for the preparation of sports reserves and the upgrading of dance skills;

2. Leadership and Judges College.

General direction is provided by the Russian Union 's ROO Falloway.

Direct leadership is vested in a member of the RTA of Alexei Kolodkin, the head of the ROO of the Fallowway and the Chief Judicial College of the competitions.

Chief Justice of the competition:
Vice-President of the RTA, President of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Assistant Professor of theory and methods of dance sports of the Russian Federation, Judge of the World Tance Council of the International Category
Mashkov Alexander Viktorovich.

Deputy Chief Justice:
Member of the Bureau of the RTA, President of the RTA Judges ' Panel, member of the IFTA Bureau, Chairman of the ILF Judges Committee of the All Russian and International RTA categories, Judge of the World Tance Council of the International Category
Andrei Aleksandrovich.

Deputy Chief Justice for the rights of the organizer of the competition:
- Director of the ROO of the Fallowwey TSC, Judge of the World Tanner Council
Alexei Kolodkin.

Chief Secretary of the competition:
Member of the RTA, Senior Professor of the TIM Department of Dance Sports of the RGUFKSMIT, deserved teacher of the RTA dance, Judge of the World Tance Council of the whole Russian category
Mashkova Anna Mihailovna.
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