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Many professionals in medicine, pedagogicals, psychology and other fields of scientific knowledge have emphasized the relevance of the issue of child health protection and promotion in the contemporary development of our society. The perception of health has changed dramatically in recent decades. A common understanding of health " how somatic work has changed in a broader, mental and psychological way " . There is no sufficiently comprehensive definition of “health” in the scientific categorical apparatus. According to O. S. Vasilieva and F. R. Filatov, " health is examined as a complex multi-dimensional phenomenon with a heterogene structure combining qualitatively different components and reflecting the fundamental aspects of human life " [6].

G. The Sigerist argued that: " A person who has a harmonious development and is well adapted to the environment of his physical and social environment can be considered as a person. Health does not simply mean the absence of disease: it is something positive, it is a life-saving and hunting exercise of the responsibilities that life imposes on people. " The definition adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) reads: " Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not a disease or physical defect " [13].

According to L. P. smoothly, increasing socio-economic problems, such as: reducing the standard of living of the population, marginalizing it and expanding the social bottom; polarizing income; worsening public health and depopulation, have affected the most vulnerable and groups of the population, especially children. [7] They were the least protected and most affected. Children ' s physical and mental health, their intellectual and educational potential have been reduced, the number of functional violations and chronic diseases has increased rapidly, and cultural and moral values have changed.

H. V. Kalinin places a significant role in this process in the complex social and economic situation in the country, which exacerbates the infiltration of social phenomena in children and youth: cultures of illicit enrichment and violence, the abandonment of life problems to virtual worlds and drug abuse. All this creates fear, resulting in an increase in the threat to mental health [10].

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