A Ball Sports Coach

Screaming souls!

For two years, she took the child to the TODES school. I can't do it anymore. TODES is just KOSHMAR!

Let us begin: TODES declares itself as a school of the Olympic Reserve, despite its business activities. However, all payments are made exclusively as voluntary donations in order not to pay taxes. Coach, those with higher education can talk long and long, and unfortunately, not good enough. In short, there are no exceptions for their children to "material" and their treatment. So for the purpose of buying the "good attitude" and "teaching" of the coach to the beloved cup, parents are feeding. The scale of the feed is huge and destructive. It's something unreal, it's got to some pretty fantastic gift. I'm not a poor man myself, but this practice is kind of hard to say. This is a rotten practice. Once, you can't stop. It's not official to pay for a good attitude, but it's not possible to pay, because in this school there are certain conditions and things that humiliate your child in every practice, too. The system of bribes, gifts, etc. is so developed that it's kind of a vain.

Nice sport, healthy, but school and coach. It's not the point of studying the figure roll. Because they don't have any competition in the city. They're the only ones. A million town. That's what happens when you don't like it: bye-bye, and they're 200-year-olds, and the situation is repeating... Unfortunately. I've been looking at it for two, five years, I couldn't take it anymore. You'll break the baby faster, you'll be morally freaked out than you'll learn to ride horses at this school. And there's another one: those who went to school, their children in a figuring out! That's how love for a student's sport depends on the coach who taught him.

I forgot the most important thing.

Don't get away with your B.R.

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