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This day, the first Cadet Corps opened in S Petersburg.
Kadetsk Corps is a military-learning institution with a full boarding school to train young people in military careers. At the end of the full course, the pupils were admitted not only to military schools but also to higher schools without examinations.
On 28 February 1732, Empress Anna Joannovn approved the plan presented by General-Feldmarshal Minich for Corps Caden.

The Empress has personally identified the 12-largest of the First Lady of Petr I, the First Lady of Evdokia Fedorovna and her younger sister, Praskovya Ivanovna.

The former palace of Prince A.D. Menshikov on Vasiliev Island was designated to house the corps. As the shell develops, stone fligs were attached to the main building of the palace to accommodate the cadette, officers and teachers of the Corps, service staff, study offices, sports halls, etc.

The Corps split into two companies, 100 people. 150 pupils were drawn from the palaces of Russian, 50 from the famous Aesthlands and Liflands. According to the Imperial Order, the age of caregivers was between 13 and 18 years.

The entire building complex of the 1st Cadet Corps can be seen on Vasiliev Island today.

The curriculum included: Russian, German, French and Latin (for desired), grammar, retoric, mathematics, history, geography, jurisprudence, morals, Geraldica, painting, purity, artillery and fortification; physical occupations: fencing, top volts, dances and soldiers).

The students of the Cadet Corps were trained hard. They had a military uniform. The children of the palaces, officers and officials were the children of the Kaden Corps.

Shortly after the October revolution of 1917, the Cadet Corps were abolished.

Until 1925, the Naval Corps (Bizert) and the Habarov Corps (Shanhai) continued to emigrate.

During the Soviet period, the Suvorov and Nahimov schools continued the tradition of pre-revolutionary cadets. Their branches were opened in several cities.

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