Маникюр, педикюр, покрытие

Bachelor For Sports

Looking at the park is elegant and effective, perhaps one of the main tasks of any dancer. When a couple ' s dance is combined with a way, it gives an impression both of the invading judges and of the demanding public.

ARTE-CREO has been developing a dance image from scratch for years. The development of a competitive dress, stubbornly, maquilaise, taking into account the individual characteristics of the couple, is an integrated approach of ARTE-CREO professionals, helping dancers of all ages, the Lubbers and the Professionals to be the most stylish and beautiful. The dance sports fans are also known for ARTE-CREO training clothing, which helps charming partners get close not only on the park, but also outside.

The founder of Xenia Dementiev began a dance career in 1983. Today, ARTE-CREO is professionals with years of experience and subject-matter education that has travelled long. Ball dances and dance sports. The rich experience and knowledge of all nuances of dance life make it possible to create new interesting images, to highlight the strengths of the couple and, above all, to impress.

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