Более 400 пар танцоров примут

Sports Dance Standard

The European Programme or Programme contains five dances:

  • Slow Waltz, speed 28-30 tts per minute
  • Tango (Tango) - 31-33 tt per minute
  • Vienna waltz (Viennesse Waltz) - tts 58-60 per minute
  • Slow Foxtrot - speed 28-30 tt per minute
  • Quixcot or fast foxtrot.

The main distinguishing feature of the European Programme (Standart) in sports bald dances is that all dances of the European Programme are carried out with the promotion of the imaginary line of the dance, which passes round, against the clockwise.

On video: competition sports Group 2 Children, Slow Wales

The second distinctive feature of the Standard in sports bald dances is that, in the execution of the European Programme, even for children ' s couples, there should be continuous contact between partners in a pair by combining the hand-held (sing) raised to the shoulder level and contact in the lower body. The third distinctive feature of the Standard is that in the European Programme, partner dancers should be wearing long barrel dresses and partners wearing black or black as well as butterflies or tie. Европейская программа спортивные бальные танцы для детей

In the photo: silver prizes of the 2011 World Championship in the European Programme for Jemanuel Valerie and Tanya Kellet (Denmark)

At the competition, the European Programme 's white dances are performed as follows:

1. Slow Walls
2. Tango
3. Vienna Walls
4. Slow Foxtrot
5. Quicstep

1. Slow Walls
2. Tango
3. Slow Foxtrot
4. Quicstep
5. Vienna Walls

The European programme, like the Latin American programme, begins to study in the second year of schooling after coaches steam them.

In the first year of schooling, children learn basic dance movements and the most important European program dances: Slow Walls and Quick Step, as well as auxiliary dances: Disco, Polka, Blues.

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