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Sports Latin Dance


Soon after the New Year's holiday, a new project starts. What are we waiting for? Unusual style, new format! Dance a story dance is a passionate history of a love triangle.

We decided to step away from the classic diagram with a separate solo and steam pattern. This time, we will have very close interacts between the couples and the salt. So close that... The couples turn... the couples turn... into a dusty trio! Intrigued?

So, the recipe for our new number, we're taking a couple of dancers, adding a girl and a long, greasy rose, we're having a good laugh! Who's the partner now? We've got to join the sausage and fix a remarkable actor's game and turbulent feelings. To serve with a fascinating choreography and flame music. You can enjoy it!

In this room, we've got a parole on the stalk and the trio. The girls who will be the third will have an active and sensitive role! Their shipment is the most interesting and complicated, and joint rehearsals will be organized with a group of solos and couples. The entire choreography of the dancers will be closely linked. The form of rehearsal is still in the process of discussion, but it is likely that new exercises and exercises will be organized.

Join us! Traditionally, we invite everyone to participate, including those who have never danced. Our new bright performance is a great occasion and an opportunity to begin!

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