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Results Of The Sports Competition

Moscow Adult and Child Dance School S-CLUB
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Outcome of the dance season 2015-16g.

S-CLUB took the 2nd command position among all IFTA teams to train adult starters in both dance programmes in the 2015-16s season. !

Command, N-Class.

Our team of grown-ups has become the second of all IFTF club teams in both the white European and Latin American dance programmes!

Sergei Rasumovsky and Svetlan Smagin were the main points on the command copy, for which they thank so much! Details on this couple are given below.

Our background.

The N-Class first-rate rules.

In "N" class, there's one point for every one of the bidders. In the Cup of the Season, a couple wins the highest number of points. Accordingly, in order to achieve a good result in Cuba, it is necessary both to occupy good places and to participate in a sufficient number of tourists.
In summarizing the results in the Command Account, the best six pairs of each IFTA club are summarised. During this season, as in the past, only the results of the standard-setting couples were taken into account in the follow-up of command.
To meet the standard starting with E-Class, more than half of the so-called "core" season competitions are needed.
"Star" competitions take place two days, one weekend standard, another Latin. In addition, the " core " competitions need to spend both weekends, the participant ' s contribution for one programme on such competitions is approximately three times more than the usual classifications. And we also need to spend time and money on the road, because most of the major tournaments were in the sports halls of the Pomposkova.

Regardless of the results, couples who have visited a sufficient number of " basic " competitions in the Season ' s personal Cup appear to be higher than those who have shown insufficient attendance at these tournaments, the results of their statements in the Season Command Cup are no longer taken into account.

It is clear that the IFTA leadership is trying to ensure that these most " core " tournaments are attended. However, in the calculation of the Cup of the Season, the quality of the couple ' s dance is on the second stage, primarily taking into account NAZDIL ' s need for a pair of " basic " competitions, i.e. the substitution of the quality index to the quantitative indicator.

The dancers and their parents decide what competition and how often they drive. Someone's involved in the race they've imposed, someone's gone.
Anyway, starting with E-Class and above, under this system, it makes no sense to target the official results of the Season Cup, both personal and command.
However, the performance of the couple during the season on the indicator of stability of performance of speeches (SCR) over the season can be reasonably measured. (This possibility is available on the IFLS official website if, when scoring the vapour ratings, use the SSR filter).

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