Студия спортивного бального

Sports Dance Of The Sverdlov Region

"Well, it's us!" 4 years, 4,000 speakers, 10,000 viewers. We're still dating!
Since 2013, the Ekaterinsky Hall of the Children 's Philharmonia has been raising remarkable artists under the project "Closure, this is us." The project was conceived for the main purpose of showing all the talents that were scattered as self-sustaining in the Middle Ural. This time, the Children 's Philharmonies have been visited by the Kushwin City District. Prior to the launch of the speech and artists and viewers, the head of the Kushwin City District, Michael Slebuchin, the head of the culture of the Kushwin City District of Tatiana Thirdkov, the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Sverdlov province, Sergei Nikonov, and the Director of the Children 's Philharmonia, Ludmil Skosyrsk. Ludmila Georgievna noticed that in four years, over 4,000 different artists had been on our stage, and that they had been applauded by more than 10,000 viewers. There were audiences who didn't miss a concert! You shouldn't! The Kushwins were once again surprised and happy: The Orchestra of the People 's Instruments, led by Larissa Yesunina, executed the remarkable melody of Wadim Bibergana, and the Zabava spoons ensembled all the variations on the work of Yogan Straus. People 's dances were changed on the stage, the disco was replaced by the Moroccan people 's dances, the ensemble of the Mesteria-Assambl sports "Groation " and " Cabrogok dance " There was even a very beautiful number, equilibrium from the Romantic circus studio. The vocalists competed in the skills of voting with Fedor Shalapien and Muslim Magomaev, and the musicians with Louis Armstrong and Denise Matsuev. Why? The king has taken the repertoire of the mattres in the performance of the beginning talents. Once seen at the concert, the kids have great potential and great pedagogues, like the jewelry, robbing precious stones, making diamonds. Hedleiner of the concert was the Spirit Pistons Big-bend under the leadership of Eugenia Smirnov, which set a great point by glowing the jazz improvisation skills.
Next concerts from Alapaevska and Northuralska, 15 April and 13 May. Traditionally, we're waiting for everyone who likes a good mood on Saturday at 3:00.

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