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Sports Dance Group

Aurora Club sports dancewhich was established on 14 November 2012 in Kyiv City under the auspices of the AGOS sports dance organization, and is located in the centre of the capital.
The history of the club has been beginning since 2007, when the first classes on bare dance were organized under the leadership of a professional coach, Takaluk Tatiana Aleksandrovna. To date, the Aurora CST is a well-developed and quality club with different ages of caregivers, children and adults with N-A class. Students of the club regularly attend all-Ukrainian sports dance competitions, participate in festivals and competitions, travel to annual sports dance fees.
Tatiana Aleksandrovna's tracalculus is a talented trainer, a sports dance choreographer, with almost 10 years of service, a judge of the 1st category. There are two higher education with distinctions (economic and sports). At the moment, he's studying at the postgraduate level at the Olympic and Professional Sports. T.O.'s tracal has started sports dances since she was eight years old, she's given her professional dance career some 17 years. There is undeniable experience in the dance of both bald dance programmes (Latin, Standard), high class dancer, winner of numerous all-Ukrainian sports dance competitions and international competitions, many title holders and choreography and sport awards.

We invite all willing, regardless of age and level of training, to a sports dance group!

You will study all 10 dances, 5 Latin American dances (samba, Cha-cha, Rumba, Pasudul, Jaive) and 5 dances of the European standard program (slow waltz, tango, Vienna waltz, foxtrot, Quicstep).

The tuber ' s method of training includes the consecutive rotation of group dance training (skills of movements, new combinations), physical training (Insanity), stretching and practical exercises. There is also an opportunity for individual sessions.
Students of the Aurora CST regularly attend sports dances, concerts and show programmes in Ukraine and abroad. Every year, our dancers travel to sports dance fees in the territory of the most beautiful places in Ukraine, where they improve their skills and skills.

Our age groups:
1. Children from 3 to 5 years;
2. Children aged 6-8;

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