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Rossia Song Sports Dance

НавкаThe right holder of the illustration of AFP Image caption Navaka says the number was an infiltrated feature of the Italian film.

The number executed by the Russian Olympic Champion in the Tatiana Navka ice dances was known far beyond the usual entertainment program. The reason is that the Navaka and her partner chose the topic of the Holocaust rarely used in this context.

Navaka himself stated that the dance of prisoners with the star of David on them (used to refer to the prisoners of Jewish origin) was an attempt to shift the mood and aesthetic of the Italian casserole film "Life is beautiful" into ice: "Look necessarily! One of my favorite numbers! On the basis of one of my favorite movies, Life is beautiful! Show that film to your children, you must! Our children need to know and remember the scary time God hopes they'll never know."

The dance couple, Tatiana Navoka and Andrei Burkovsky, was singing the song Beautiful That Way Nicola Piovani of the same Roberto Beninese film about the boy and his father-in-law and their stay in the camp.

The judges of the TV show of the dance were praised: the duet scored 12 points on November 26, which led them to the rankings of the seventh season of the Lednikov.

Videolic Dancing fast. I went online and called for a text of comments from users around the world.

In the Israeli blogosphere, the issue of Burkovsky and Navka did not generate much debate, spoke to the Rus Service of BBC, journalist Evgeny Sova.

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