Sports Dances In The Orle

The Russian dance tournament "PATINUM CUP - 2017 ", celebrated by International Women 's Day on 8 March, took place in Orle in the last Wednesday. In the category " Latina Cup - 2 Dances ", there were no equals of the Brian couple. Babenkin Alexander and Varvara Kravchenko (Capelki, Coach, well-deserved Russian Federation teacher) Cargin's love)

For one day, the main GREINN-Centre Hall became a dance park. The main organizer of the tournament was the Platinum dance and sports club and its chairman. Michael Gavdis♪ The Turnir also supported the Orlov Region Physical Culture and Sports Department, the Orlov Region Federation of Dance Sports and the USSR No. 4 of Orla.

Over 500 athletes from Bryansk, Belgorod, Kursk, Moscow, Ryazani, Tula, Mzenska and, of course, from Orl have come to challenge the main prize under the announced nominees. And every member received a special gift! A large, diverse and professional panel of judges, composed of young professionals and leading professional staff of STSSR, is an unusual format for determining the composition of the Judicial College to a certain starting-point, where none of the judicial lines know what it estimates before they enter the park, all of which has made the traditional tournament unique.

The tournament was devoted not only to International Women 's Day on 8 March but also to two important dates: 60 years sports In Russia and 55 years of sports dance in Orlov. The special guest of the event was Valentine Timofeevna Chibisov, founder of the voluntary dances in Orlov province. For all guests, the performances of FO champions, sports masters, international dancers, Maxim Pavlov and Alexandra Kuznetova, Ryazan, have been a gift.

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