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Ferry Dances

Что такое парные танцы? • О парных танцах

What's a couple dance?

The answer to this question seems obvious. Anyone will say that a couple dance is a dance that dances a couple, and no hard definitions are necessary.

In general, we are inclined to accept that. Complicated ones don't need to be clarified. It is therefore important for us to explain that we are investing in the notion of “parent dance”.

For us, a couple dance is a dance of two partners that is born out of music, rhythm, space, movements and emotions common to both dancers.

They can dance for viewers, and then the steam dance will be a work of art that is carefully prepared and refined to the smallest detail, and thus evaluated by the viewers.

They can dance for themselves, and then the couple's dance will be two-way. And it's more important than the maturity and the wrongness of the movements, and the feelings and emotions that feel the dancers, the stories that are born in the dance. And if something goes wrong, it's part of history, not a mistake.

Why do we like ferry dances so much?
Because they give the opportunity to show themselves and try a new one, give joy to communication, enjoy music and movement, and finally bring pleasure just like that, on their own.

bald and social ferry dances

When you decide to dance ferry, you'll find out first with the style you're most close to. Their diversity is so great that you will have to find a dance on your soul and body. Maybe not one.

What kind of steam dance do you have?

There are so-called, or historical, parish dances danced first on the balls, then on dance nights (from XIV to the beginning of the twentieth century) and there are modern dances.

Today, in turn, there is a generally accepted division into and.

What is the difference between these areas?

  • Ball dances danced on balls. Social dances danced on beach, discotheques, parties.
  • The main thing about bald dances is the beauty of execution, the most important thing about social dance is communication between partners and pleasure of co-dancing.
  • Ball dances Clear linkages and schemes, social dances focus on improvisation.

What do they have in common?

  • They dance with a couple.
  • They give pleasure to music, movement and communication.
  • They're beautiful.

And if you can't figure out what direction to choose, there's always a simple way to try both!

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