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What's The Name Of A Modern Leg Dance

Pole dance, or dance with the pole, as they already call it, not only will you be able to untie yourself, and it's nice to surprise your beloved in the bedroom, but also to clean up the figure. The occupations include all kinds of loads - power, aerobic and stretching, and acrobatic elements. This is why it begins not with the pilon approach, but with basic carpet exercises aimed at developing all muscle groups. The pole fans are saying that during the dance, there are muscles that you didn't even know existed in ordinary life! But they're gonna start getting sick after a debut class.

Typically, girls who, without good physical training, come to the first class of pole dance, find themselves willing to engage in sports and bring muscles into the tonus, except how to do all these difficult but sexy pole tricks?


The incendiary reggetone is a dance that requires good physical training. He appeared in Panama and Puerto Rico, but was soon widely distributed first in Latin America and then throughout the world. Unlike floating salsa or bachettes, the reggenton is based on a rigid and fast rhythm, so you can literally squeeze the shirt after you're in.

The main load during the dance goes on your feet, hips, eggheads, and if you're dreaming of a round-up, pick a regget. By the way, this dance also burns fat well, because during the active shaky, all muscles work and your body gets a good cardio load.

Beast dance

The tummy dance is most commonly associated with a rather furious, stunning beauty who has more than a shake. Throw away those prejudices and boldly go to class if you want a pumped press. During the dance, the stomach is constantly tense, especially the cosmic muscles, which are not easy to pump even in the gym.

Moreover, the stomach dance will help to develop the thigh muscles without making boring classic crops. So buy the eastern outfit with the ringing monists and go!

Irish step

The Irish step is well-deservedly considered to be one of the best dances for worsening. He'll replace you with jumps on the rocks, and run, and stap-aerobics... In short, Irish dance is an interesting cardio-load option for those who can't force themselves to go to the morning run.

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