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Seaford College receives children seeking secondary education abroad during the school year, and during the summer school, language courses are offered to schoolchildren from around the world. All sports facilities and classes for music and English are located in the school. The lessons of golf academy go to the field with 18-Luns. Seaford also has an open pool and a sports hall.


The programme includes 3 hours of daily sports training for 3 hours in English. Thus, a child not only develops language skills, but also has the opportunity to build knowledge in practice during sports.
English-language lessons are aimed at developing communication skills and vocabulary of participants, which will enable them to find new friends and improve their skills selected Sports.

Schools are distributed by group depending on the level of knowledge of the language.

  • Elementary and Pre-Intermediate

These levels focus mainly on basic communication skills: familiarity with people, understanding of coaches and orientation in the camp.

Schools at this level improve basic language skills: speech, hearing, free communication. Two projects are envisaged: Exsportise Express and the Moi Sports Cumbers Internet site.

  • Upper Intermediate and Advanced

Functions are similar to those of Intermediate, but they aim to improve language skills in narrower areas that are chosen according to the wishes and interests of children. Possible participation in projects: overseas education, the Fair of Higher Education, sports and society, Sport: Make the World Better.


Schools are offered training programmes at different levels - for newcomers, amateurs and professionals - during which all basic skills required by the tennis player are developed. Special attention is paid to improving the performance of the game and to enhancing the confidence of the player. Participants will learn to launch the net effectively, to ball, to control the force of the strike and to play under pressure. Exsportise experienced coaches will help players at all levels to improve the tactics of the game, learn to prevent injuries, increase the delay, be confident in their power and enjoy the game.

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