Студия спортивного бального

Baza Is A Sports Dance

Head of the studio. (Signed) Dobrina Svetlan Anatolevna - choreographer, teacher Sports dances♪ It's a 14-year-old pedagogical dance class. First pedagogical category in the field of sports bald dances, LETI, 1992

At our sessions, all interested can meet the dances of the international programme. It includes five Western European and five Latin American dances. Western Europeans include: slow waltz, tango, Vienna waltz, slow foxtrot and kvicstas; Latin American Samba, Cha-cha, Rumba, Posadul and Jaive.

As the program develops, couples can participate in a sports bald dance contest at the hobby class. Successful couples may be assigned a sports level with registration in the Federation database.

We are also speaking at the celebrations at our university. To this end, there are also ruling dances.

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