Уроки танцев в Астане

Sports Dance Lessons For Starters

Как танцевать джайв (видео)Do you want your kids to dancely beautiful? Kids are getting new.

Dreaming beautifully? Then watch the video "How to Dancing Jave" and you'll know what it is. Sports dances♪ Jave is a Latin American program. ♪

Танец Ча-ча-ча - Танцы для всех (видео)Today, we recommend that you look at our new video of "Every Beautiful Dance" watching you find out how to own your body and dance very beautifully.

Today, I suggest you examine the training video of the “Samba for Starting Movements: Main Movements” We'll have a series of samba movements on the roll and tell us how right.

Today, we have produced a learning video of Cha-cha-ca for starters: major movements. The key dance movements of Cha-cha-cha will show us in the roll, and explain how. ♪

Очень красивый танец (видеоролик)We'd like to show the interesting learning video of Tango: turns for newcomers. They'll tell us how to turn right on the dance floor and how to do it.

Today, we have prepared a new learning video for you, The Tango Township for Starters We're gonna have a few starting points in the tango, and.. ♪

Today, we have produced a learning video of "Tangos for starters" We'll get some rotating moves in the tango and explain how they're right.

Tonight, I suggest you look at the training video of Tango: a start-up movement. They'll tell us the principles of tango and show us how these movements are. ♪

Today, I suggest you look into the interesting tutorial of Tango: tips for starters. They'll tell us about the principles of tango and show us how right.

Our video of the detail. Ball dance class From experienced trainers, you can learn how to dance the most beautiful couples dances for free. Of course, you can go to the dance school and develop the technician under the close attention of the teacher, but it's gonna be a lot, and the time isn't good for everyone.

Самба для начинающих: основные движения (обучающий видеоролик) Танго: повороты для новичков (интересное обучающее видео) Повороты в танго для начинающих (обучающий видеоролик) Танго: движения для начинающих (обучающий видеоролик)
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