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What's The Name Of A Sports Dance

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When do you hear the word " dance " , what happens in front of your eyes? Maybe it's a little swan dance from the Chaikov Lake Ballet or a horny Russian dance called Calinca, a floating, beautiful waltz, a boston, run by the dancers of the white dance, or a languish by Michael Jackson?

What kind of dance does it play in our lives for us?

How did the dance art change over time, which dances danced in the age of rebirth, in ancient Russie, in the 20-30s of the twentieth century, which dances are now on discotheques?

Dance art has been an important place in human life since time immemorial. Already in the sketches set up a few thousand years ago, there are pictures of people walking.

When and when the dance came, it's hard to say. We think that the dance arose when the feelings expressed in motion and gesture obeyed rhythm and music.

The dance art is very diverse in its forms, and we can't talk about all the dances that existed and exist in the world. Only about the most popular ones, we'll try to tell them more.

Vienna Walls

The famous " Vienna Walls " , the vals of the romantic raison d ' être of the Buri and Naska, the educated dance extension of the French Revolution, the typical inspirational dance of anxious heart seeking victory and freedom of adult life. This waltz is still as untrue as ever. Only two figures change to right and left. The Vienna waltz is structurally simple, no difficulty, but it is overburdened by energy, as a newly-successed adult willing to conquer the world. After 200 years, no one can change the simple essence of this dance.

You turn around your partner, and then you turn around your axis. Vienna Vales is the best example of power and melody. What a lung and two hearts! You need to move at a speed of 1 tt per second in order to maintain the diagram and the right rotation. You're swinging to mitigate the effects of centrifuge force. That's what we have to do at the Vienna Walls. But no modern direction seems to be able to reconcile this heartbreaker.

The real waltz dance came at the dawn of two centuries, 18 and 19.

During the first two decades of the 19th century, the main pas and figures of the Lendler and the Volts dances were placed under certain music rhythm, and the main step of the Vienna waltz was safely brought to light.

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