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Участник масленичных гуляний. Архивное фото(revised:


RIA News, 17 Feb. The Moscow Masle Festival starts in the Russian capital on Friday, and he'll welcome the people and guests of the city to the people's goulians, street artists, classrooms and a huge number of pancakes.

The festival will take place from 17 to 26 February. All 10 days in the centre of Moscow will be over 30 pancakes. For the guests, they'll run corn crafts, choirs and traditional glossian masellian fun.Масленичные гуляния недалеко от усадьбы Абрамцево в Московской области. Архивное фото The Festival sites will be decorated by numerous pieces of straw Maslenica, scaring in the form of smoke toys and eight-metre ice Muslenic.


The main pleasure of the holiday is the pancakes, the retortors will make 120 different variations. The festival's visitors were surprised by both the famous restaurants and the gastronomical start-ups.Масленица. Архивное фото In addition to the traditional cloths with the ears, honey and barrage, the visitors are waiting for real pancake specials, as well as meals and drinks designed specifically for the Moscow Muslenic.

For example, in the areas of the festival in the Manegasque Square, it will be possible to try pancakes with cavity, creativity and diaper, meat, pumpkin and creativity, red rabbit, and a lot of other snuffs: old-Russian chicken, mushroom and pear pie. The guests of the festival will also buy the traditional pancakes of all the world ' s kitchens, including Thai, French, Norwegian and Abkhaz.

There will be pancake cakes in the area of the Visitors ' Revolution, blue pancakes with strawberries and baseballs and blacks with a vanilla stack and a chocolate bar.Участники масленичных гуляний во время установления рекорда по приготовлению самого большого блина России в саду Эрмитаж в Москве In the Tver Square, we'll be offering colored layered tea pancakes, on the Climony Alley site, the French pancakes.

In addition to the main loneliness, visitors will be able to buy raw materials from the Tver and Vladimir oblasts, the red and black, the Siberian copnel, which will be buried right on the festival site. The guests also have a wide range of useful products: nuts and sweets, handmade flour and walnut oil.

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