Студия танцев

Wida Dance Studio

On March 15th, we begin a spring course in our Rheine studio jokes from March to May. The fall course will continue. During the summer season, classes are not planned, but festivals are expected, holidays and dancesthat could be fun. But it depends on your desire and mood, and what depends on me, Talina, as head of the studio, I'm telling you.

The classes will combine fun, smoking, games and physical skills, such as elevation and response speed, be morally prepared:
The lion ' s share of time will be devoted to interaction in the group and in the couples. We'll meet the concept of scenery. Of course, there's gonna be a little lick of simple popular and medieval dances, and that's our toolkit on the speeches.

The motive for your admission to the studio could be anything. If you want to play the fields and fairs on our team, there's a chance! If you're just looking for a dreadful discharge in the middle of a workday, you'll get it full. If you can't answer yourself for what it's like to be a joke, but you have something to do with us - mercy, and then we'll see where it all leads. Believe me, it'll be better for you to fight yourself.

We'll meet twice a week at 1, 5 hours.

One class is 400 rubles.
Abortion for 5 classes - 1,700 p.
Abortion for 9 sessions (month) - 3200 p.

The venue will be announced later.
In order to choose a convenient time for the meetings, please describe the appropriate version in the survey or write in the comments to that post.

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