Фотография о стилях танцев

Dance List

Современные стили танца от школы New Project разнообразны, каждый найдёт у нас занятия по вкусу. Курсы танцев проходят каждый месяц. Тренировку можно подобрать на любой вкус. Занимаемся в группах разного уровня подготовки.Steel of modern dances trained by New Project choreographers is the most popular in the world. We can do things like: jazz-funk, dancehall, electro, hip-hop, break, contemporary, and in groups of clubs, we can dance with different styles from which dance shows are created.

They can join us at any time. In the studio, we're in groups of 8 to 15 people and teams. The difference is that groups practice, perform concerts and events at school. Teams aim at competitions, competitions and speeches. You can get on the team after the selection.

In order to take the first steps to meet the class, read the dance profile pages: club dance (jazz fank, waacking, vogue), electro dance, break dance, hip-hop, funk styles (locking, popping), go-go, contemporary, popping, ballet, kids dance, you can learn in New Project. After watching the video section, you can choose what's closer to you.Мы танцуем разные направления танцев. От современного до классического. Вы можете выбрать любое направление по вашему вкусу. We are happy to invite you to the choreography world and to open up new talents.

At school, different dance lines. Any course you can try once, situate test training. That's what you're gonna check your powers, assess your possibilities, find your best style. It's important to have harmony that you'll get as much satisfaction as you can.

Contemporary learning clothing

If you've chosen the directions of the modern dance, you've decided to become a pupil, take care of the dance form in advance. To modern styles, free T-shirts, comfortable sports pants or leggins, shoes or ced legs will be fine. For classic, leggins, tops, or tubes, ballets. The shoes must be clean. Without a change of dance shoes, the entrance to the room is prohibited.

Remember, it's not working at first class. In order to achieve good results, it is necessary to develop every style with full impact, with the utmost diligence throughout the course. Choose direction, come to the Novosibirsk dance class.

This year we became the winners of the 2nd All-Russian competitions. We have our own teaching methodology. Pedagogues are continuously trained and internships. Students go to concerts, contests.

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