Зал в аренду в фитнес клубе

Rental Of Dance Gyms

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  • , We rent a room under the dance hall.

Moscow offers no limit, but it is often difficult to choose a suitable option: the price is not appropriate, the conditions are not appropriate. Using a dance hall to find even greater luck. It's the lucky ticket to the dance world that Hendrix Studio offers. You can run the bright strip-dance moves, vals or brush your mouth when you're comfortable and as much as you need. The ability to adjust the time of the exercise by itself is an hourly rent.

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Почасовая аренда танцевального залаThe famous network of recording studios of Hendricks has long stopped working with musicians. Now we're offering a dance hall in Moscow. Circumstances are convenient, accessible and, most importantly, professional. Our dance halls are in the center of the capital and are available to you at all times, in addition to the excellent conditions that will remain satisfied by both the newcomers and the professionals, we offer and services: assistance during training, the delivery of fresh juices or water.
You can use any of the three huge rooms, over 100 square metres each. The station, air conditioners equipped with shower, mirror walls, modern machines, all have the most pleasant and productive training.

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