Популярные виды современных

Types Of Modern Dances

Contemporary dances are the " collection " of dance styles and directions combined with special atmosphere and technology. Steel of modern dances is usually an integral part of different kinds of subculture. All right. dance The hip-hop style is one of a single-name subculture, all parts of which are music, fashion, style are inextricably linked.

Modern dances include:

♪ Street dances (heep-hop, Brake-dance, House, etc.)

♪ Lady Style.

♪ Tuber dances (house, trance, etc.)

and many other directions.

School dances in Moscow are opened as well as in other Russian cities. It is these schools that occupy most of the dance industry and are taught in a variety of groups: for starters and professionals, as well as in specialized teams for team-building. In our country, a great number of activities are being carried out for modern dance fans: master class, championships, festivals, various shows and plays.

Despite the special characteristics of different dance styles, they are all not necessarily merged into one large group of modern dances, and dancers are often trained in several ways, increasing their experiences and opportunities, and choreographers create numbers that include several styles.

That's what they're doing.

Fashion Dance Studio

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