Dance-Cool, Дэнс Кул

Adult Sports School

Adult dances - a great alternative to phytnes programmes and diets.

The dance is the best antidepressant that improves the mood and improves self-esteem. Sensible, fascinating, beautiful dance movements can change you both externally and internally. Dance movements can be developed at any age, regardless of the composition and level of physical training.

The MARTE dance school offers all kinds of adult dances in the morning and evening.

Contemporary dances: Dance Mix, Hip-Hop, Strep-plastic, Brake Dans, Latina Solo, House Dens, Ragga Jam-Dancehall, Pole Dance, Disco.

Horeography: Bodi Balet, Classic Adult Choreography, Madern, Contemporari, Jazz dance.

People's dances: Flamenco, Bait Tance, Trauble Fujn, Caucasian and Zakavkasya dances, People ' s World Dances, Irish and Mr. others.

Ferry dances: wedding dances (situation, individual lessons) Sports dances (Latin American - Rumba, Samba, Cha-cha, Pasudul, Jaive and European dances - Vals, Tango, Vienna waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Quicstep, Argentina tango, Blue Latina (Salsa, Mereng, Bachta et al.) and Hastl.

Stretching and Pilates.

The MARTE Arts Service provides plummeting services: for all dances, for Fitnesses and sports, for players, for synchronized navigation, for artistic gymnastics, for ceremonial events, uniforms for promo-actions.

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