9 самых популярных современных

Interesting Dances

ВальсI believe that any dance of the world ' s peoples is good and beautiful, but yet in my Top-11, I have decided to choose the most beautiful and most favoured dances I have. To every dance, I've decided to attach videos to make this divine language of the body more visible and better.

11. Wales

General name of the bald and popular music dances 3/4. For the first time, the waltz became popular in Vienna in the 1980s of the sixteenth century, spreading to many countries in the years to come. Walls, especially with closed positions, was a model for many other bald dances. Later, many waltz varieties were created. The vals are owed to many dances of different peoples in Europe.Кавказские народные танцы The roots are in the time-famous dance of the Mother and his type of Furante, which is celebrated in the Czech village, the French dance of the Volt and, finally, the Austrian Lendler, closest to the waltz of his predecessors. Vals's family is rightly considered Germany and Austria. There were several different forms of waltz in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

10. Caucasus People ' s Dances

Historically, over 100 peoples live in the Caucasus. The culture of the Caucasus is therefore very rich and multifaceted. One of the most visible manifestations of culture is the dancing of the peoples of the Caucasus. The whole world is familiar with the famous dance of the people of the Caucasus, a tear. The lingering dance was warmed up all over the world in the 30s of the twentieth century when Grandpa Iliko Suhishvili performed it in London at the World Festival People ' s dance♪ Then the British King himself gave the gold medal to Grandpa Sokhishvili.Ча-ча-ча But few people know that every people in the Caucasus have their own national dance.
In this case, I'd like to introduce Ossetian dance, a Zilg-kaft. It's a ferry dance. Historically, there is an analogy between a blue girl and a male fighter. The deck is trying to evade the velocity by grace movements, and the man on the other hand tries to prevent the girl from moving forward with sharp and clear movements. An inaccurate dancer quickly turns around and returns to a girl's neck, and an experienced performer can compete for a long time with a man.

R&B, хип-хоп Сальса Ирландские танцы Румба

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