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Russian People

Russian folk dance is probably a dance with the richest and richest history. He's been taking his steps since ancient Rusie. He was educated by popular dances and walks, fun big choirs, etc. All these dreadful events were an integral part of the life of a Russian man. There was no holiday, no fair or other fun program. Unlike a modern man, people in the age of ancient Russy have been able to enjoy their lives.

Special features of Russian dance

The Russian people's dance has nothing to do with anyone else. It's a special kind of choreography. This dance has a lot of distinctive characteristics and features. First, Russian folk dances are horrific scabs with jumps and active movements that are always accompanied by endless humor and laugh. Secondly, the compulsory attribute of this dance is the national suits, not less bright and beautiful than the socks themselves. The Russian People ' s Dance is very rich in a variety of choreographic pas, and it is based on several Types of dances, that's the play, the chorus and the shot. It can be said with complete confidence that Russian dance is a distinctive expression of the nature of the Russian man and his soul. There must be no more fun and charming dance around the world. The Russian man has an inexorably broad and kind soul, the same dance of his people.

It is impossible to distinguish one period from ancient Rusey's history when the people's dance began, but with complete confidence, it can be said that it clearly represents all the difficult and saturated history of this great State. Frequently, such plays were carried out under the accompaniment of songs and texts on homeland, heroes and kings. Most of the people ' s dance was tied to mass and large church holidays. Of the most great ones, we can highlight weddings, Christmas, Maslenica, Ivana Kupala and many others, because the Russian people are still famous for their great number of celebrations. One of the most beautiful and special dances on Rusie can be called skating on the rafts the night of Ivan Kupala. This evening, there was a mass play with songs and dances, and unmarried girls were walking through the river smooth of cherries in search of fiancé.

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